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Gender Reveal-Smoke Emitter-Small 18g-Blue

Our Smoke Emitters are a one-of-a-kind product that will allow you create the picture-perfect moment with over 3-4 minutes of smoke time!


– Single smoke canister with 180-240 seconds of burn time.

– Smoke output is 17m³

– Dimensions are 8 × 3 × 3 cm

– Blue emitters create a purple tinge due to the non-toxic components of the product.

Directions of use:

Hold the emitter upside down when turning it on
Once turned on, place it on the floor as it runs hot or put it in a paper cup to hold
Be careful with the product as it runs hot.
Please note:

NOTE: TOP COLOUR IS EXPOSED WITH THE COLOUR – Have a trusted friend or family that knows the gender light the emitter.
These units DO burn hot and require to be placed on the floor or in a paper cup.
For the best effect and long-lasting smoke, avoid windy areas.
This item is classified as NON-dangerous and does not require a license.
Not to be used by children, Baby Gender Surprise does not accept any liability for misuse of the product.
Use Turbo Gas Lighter to turn it on effectively.

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4 in stock

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