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Multi Purpose Sponge Mix – 500g

White Sponge (All Purpose) Cake Recipe (500gr pkt)

Using Bakels Multi-Purpose Sponge Mix
Group Ingredients
Water (variable) 230mls
Egg Approx 4 eggs – 200gr
Bakels Multi Purpose Sponge Mix 500gr
Method: 1. Get all ingredients to room temperature. Place ingredients in mixing bowl.
2. Whisk together on low speed.
3. Scrape down.
4. Whisk on top speed for 6-8 minutes.
5. Then on second speed for 2 minutes.
6. For Sponge Rounds (18 cm) scale 230 grams sponge batter. Oven temperature 190°C.
7. For Swiss Rolls scale 1.000 to 1.200 kg sponge batter in standard baking tray. Oven temperature 220°C.
8. For Slabs scale half 1500g in standard coffin trays. Full 3000g in standard coffin trays. Oven temperature 210°C–220°C.

Approximate Quantities for Tin size

6″ (15cm) Round 150gr
7″ (18cm) Round 200gr
8″ (20cm) Round 300gr
9″ (23cm) Round 350gr
10″ (25cm) Round 400gr
11″ (28cm) Round 500gr
12″ (30cm) Round 600gr
6″ (15cm) Square 200gr
7″ (18cm) Square 300gr
8″ (20cm) Square 400gr
9″ (23cm) Square 500gr
10″ (25cm) Square 700gr
11″ (28cm) Square 750gr
12″ (30cm) Square 800gr
Cupcakes 408 size (medium) 500gr = 30-35
Cupcakes 550 size (large) 500gr = 20-25

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24 in stock

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